Gourmet Salt Gift Set

Beautifully presented set of 9 different gourmet salts from around the world.

This set contains 9 gourmet salts: Himalayan Pink, Inca Sun, Oak Smoked, Black Lava, African Pearls, Flor de Sal, Kala Namak, Balinese Pyramids and Atlas Mountain.

Gift box: 9x9x3 cm (approx), individual pots: 2.5x2.5x2 cm (approx)  

Himalayan - Use liberally on fruit salads, soups, curry dishes and pasta.

Inca Sun - Perfect for salads and seafood(especially pan fried trout) and unbelievable on sliced, ripe tomatoes.

Oak Smoked - Incredible with poached eggs.  Takes tomato soup to a new dimension.

Black Lava - Served with any white fish it offers an excellent visual contrast. Sprinkle on a mango salad for great impact.

African Pearls - Scatter on a lobster and citrus salad,  For the wow factor use as a pearl on oysters.

Flor de Sal - Use to finish dishes such as  asparagus, oysters and octopus or keep a small bowl on the table for sprinkling.

Kala Namak - Use sparingly in the preparation of raitas, yoghurt dishes, chaatsand salads. 

Balinese Pyramids - sprinkle on vine-ripened tomatoes, avocados, in salad dressing, and green apple tarte Tatin.

Atlas Mountain- This coarse, pinkish salt has an wonderful crunch and is superb on lamb or goatkebabs, tagines and curries.

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