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27 February 2013

With all the wonderful hand-harvested, natural, rare, gourmet sea salts, crystal rock salts and river salts on the market today, from the elegant apricot flakes of the Australian Murray River Salt to the 250 million year old pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt that resembles rose pink quartz, it may be difficult to make a choice. Therefore we have highlighted some of the most popular ones below to make your choice easier.   So sit back and enjoy your voyage into the world of gourmet salts!

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt

Harvested in Molokai, a small volcanic island in the Pacific, this pitch black glistening salt is achieved by adding activated charcoal, which also acts as a detoxifier.  Dramatic and delicious, exciting and exotic, Black Lava is prized for its luxurious smoky, sweet, yet salty flavour. Used for roasting and finishing, its dramatic appearance enhances any gourmet dish.

Try it on a watermelon and mango salad. Serve with any white fish for an excellent visual contrast. Black Lava is a must-have for every home chef.

Australian Murray River Salt

From the natural brines below the magical Australian Murray River, these apricot-coloured salt flakes are more delicate than even fleur de sel. The Murray River is the longest river in Australia, and is believed by the aboriginals to be a powerful and magical river. Murray River salt has a fragrant but mild flavour with spicy undertones and is very attractive on the table. The texture of this salt makes it an ideal finishing salt. The flaky crystals provide a slight crunch and then melt quickly.

Perfect for sprinkling on fresh summer fruits.

For a real treat, add just before serving to an avocado and tomato salad, laced with lime juice. Great for rimming drinks!

Danish Oak Smoked Sea Salt

Conjuring up images of Vikings, this beautiful copper coloured salt is produced by first evaporating seawater - a process which takes place in a vessel over an open fire of juniper, cherry, elm, beech and oak - a real, millennium-old Viking recipe.

Sprinkle on to steamed vegetables and add a splash of lemon juice.

It takes tomato soup to a new dimension!

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