About Us

Our original business was Himalayan Salt, about which we are very passionate, as it has many health benefits and we feel very privileged to have come across such a wonderful holistic salt. 

And then one day we received a telephone call from a company who make food products for a well-known chef, asking us if we could supply a good quality oak smoked salt. We put our research hats on and found the most divine oak smoked salt on the planet - in our opinion - in Denmark. Smoked over an open fire of juniper, cherry, elm, beech and oak - a real, millennium-old Viking recipe, this had to be the one!

It was that one telephone call which prompted us to look at other salts, which had not been treated with chemicals or anti-caking agents. And before too long we found we had opened a real treasure trove of beautiful salts from all corners of the globe, from the beautiful Balinese pyramids to the rarest salt on the planet - Persian Blue salt. From the coarse pink salt high in the Atlas mountains to the Kalahari desert salt. And such amazing stories are attached to these salts.

Here is one about how Atlas salt came into being:
As Atlas held the world on his shoulders, the suffering of the people saddened him so much that he was brought to tears. His tears collected together at the foot of the mountains, where the Sahara begins. The hot sun consequently changed his tears into one of the Sahara’s greatest treasures.

And so it began - from one simple telephone enquiry!